Welcome To My World,

a world of amazing locations, incredible natural beauty, and amazing creatures of every size and shape. Feel free to wander these pages, read through my blog and if you care to, purchase a print to brighten your home or office… to bring a piece of my world into yours!

As a child and into my teens, my mother and father (god rest them), two brothers, a sister, and I traveled the coast of central California, from Big Sur to Calistoga, east into Yosemite and Sequoia National Parks, Lake Tahoe and the eastern slopes of the Sierra Mountains, running down into the Mono Lake basin… ranging around crashing surf, secluded coves and beaches, trekking high mountain lakes and vistas, and strolling under giant Redwoods where a herd of rare white deer roam. In our home we shared life with all kinds of life… Pigeons and mom’s Canaries, Cockatoos and Love Birds, the endless array of cats and dog us kids snuck home, my sister’s turtles, snakes and toads, and my father’s huge tank of colorful tropical fishes. How, growing up amidst such an environment could I not have been expected to grow to adulthood with anything but a love of the natural world and wanderlust for travel? I have been smitten all my years!!

So… this is what I hope and desire to share with you. Through my eyes and my camera’s lenses, the corners of the world I wander, the wonderful sights I see, and the awesome creatures I encounter. Please save this site to your favorites and I hope to see you here regularly to keep up with my new adventures!